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Testosterone blood tests are designed to tell you how much testosterone is in your blood. Too much (or too little) can cause a range of different symptoms. Let's find out more.
In a Nutshell

Testosterone testing facts

Testing Method

You can get tests that are simply a finger prick test. Many providers will let you pay for someone to come and draw blood from the vein if you struggle with the finger prick.


We’ve seen tests on the market for as little as £27 and some up to around £100. Do your research on what’s included.

Men Can Test

Men whose testosterone levels are too low may experience symptoms like low mood, reduced sperm production and a decreased libido.

Women Can Test

Women whose levels are too high could experience excess body and facial hair as well as low mood, increased muscle mass and acne.

Testosterone blood tests are designed to tell you how much testosterone is in your blood. Too much (or too little) can cause a range of different symptoms.

Historically, you might have had a testosterone test at the Doctor’s if they suspected you had symptoms that indicated a possible issue. But these days you can proactively keep a tab on your testosterone levels with home blood tests (many of which are available with a finger prick test kit).

Here, we’re looking at who the tests are aimed at, what they can tell you and where you can get them from.

Who would take a testosterone blood test?

Home testosterone test kits are so accessible and affordable now that you can proactively monitor your levels for a whole variety of reasons. 

As ever, what we’d say is that if you think there’s something wrong, don’t wait around for a kit to arrive in the post – head to your doctor. But for proactive monitoring or monitoring more “FYI,” then the home kits are a great option.

You might want to check your testosterone level if:

How much does a testosterone test cost?

You can get a home testosterone test kit from as little at £27 using offers from various providers.


How long does it take to get the results?

This will again vary from provider to provider, but generally you can expect to have your results back within 2 or 3 days of posting your sample back. Typically, you’ll get your testosterone results on a digital dashboard that you log in to access.


Where can i get a testosterone test kit from?

There are a number of providers in the UK now including Medichecks, Thriva and LetsgetChecked.

Medichecks kits are also on sale in High Street stores like Holland and Barrett.

Before buying a kit, here’s what we think you should look for:

  • Reviews – take a look at the reviews. Don’t just look at reviews of the provider but also of the specific test you’re looking for. Familiarise yourself with the pros and cons
  • Price comparison. For a single biomarker test, prices can start from as little as £27. It’s not to say that cheapest is best. But do shop around because if you can get a like for like product cheaper from one place than another, why wouldn’t you?
  • Look for information on the provider’s website about the lab where the sample will be analysed. Ideally look for labs with appropriate accreditation so you can be assured of results accuracy
  • Are results GP reviewed? Many providers will have a GP review results before they provide them to you which can offer a bit more insight about what, if any, action you should take

What should I do if my result is outside the normal range?

If you get your testosterone test through a provider who also gets GPs to review results, you may well receive advice along with your results anyway. But if you result is outside the normal range, it’s often worth speaking to your GP, explaining and showing them the results you’ve had and letting them take over your care from there.


What is testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone that exists in both men and women, but is found in much higher quantities in men.

In men, testosterone plays a key role in libido, muscle mass, how the body stores fat, fertility and mood amongst other things.

Too low a level in men or too high a level in women can result in a number of symptoms. 

testosterone test

Symptoms of Low Testosterone in Men

Symptoms of High Testosterone in Women


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